Macropaver 12D

The VSS truck-mounted Macropaver® 12D has gained a world-wide reputation for flexibility, high production and low-cost performance. The Macropaver® 12D applies all slurry and polymer-modified microsurfacings with equal ease.


With over 60 years as a pavement maintenance contractor, VSS has introduced more people to the Slurry Seal and Microsurfacing business than any other company. Equipped with the New EZ-OP Monitoring System, the 2016 Macropaver® 12D has made it even simpler to train new operators and create ease-of-use by eliminating manual calculations with intuitive controls.  Read more about getting started in the slurry/microsurfacing business.


Consistent quality is accomplished throughout the production with automatic sequencing.  The Macropaver® 12D can easily double the application rates of competitive conventional machines, with average outputs of 2.7 – 3.6 tonne/min (3-4 tons/min).  The Macropaver® 12D features the finest quality components and no chain or sprocket drives. Rugged and dependable performance has proven MP’s superior reliability, ease of operation and productivity.  Read more about the Macropaver® 12D's productivity and reliability or read some customer testimonials.


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Typical Truck Specification      Cabover    Conventional    Pusher Axle


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Typical Bid Specification








Total Unit Length

7.01m (23.0 ft)

Overall Width

2.44m (8.0 ft)

Height Above Frame

2.24m (7.3 ft)




Level Aggregate Capacity

9.2 cu m (12 cu yds)

Emulsion Capacity

3200 liters (850 gals)

Water Capacity

3200 liters (850 gals)

Cement Hopper

0.34 cu m (12 cu ft)

Additive Capacity

470 liters (125 gals)

Hydraulics Reservoir

490 liters (130 gals)




EZ-OP Panel website

  • Automatic start/stop materials sequencing
  • Single joystick control for one button main start mixing, start/stop, pugmill diverter, spreaderbox side shift, spreader box lift
  • EZ-OP Monitoring System
  • Automatic low aggregate shutdown sensor
  • 3-way Teflon-lined steel valve self-loading system
  • Anti-siphon water load system
  • Heated emulsion pump (hot water supplied by truck radiator)
  • Flow meters for water & additive
  • Direct drive jackshaft (no chaindrives)
  • Integrated cement hopper with built-in fluffer
  • Variable speed cement feed system with actual % to aggregate displayed
  • Pavement fog sprays and joint sprays
  • Automatic variable amplitude hydraulic aggregate hopper vibrator
  • Quick cleaning emulsion basket strainer
  • Side debris dump box

Hydraulic System

  • 3 independent circuit, variable displacement, pressure & flow compensated piston-type pumps


  • John Deere water-cooled turbo diesel,84kw @2200 rpm (115hp)
  • Rexroth hydraulic pumps, variable displacement triple pump drive, 397 liters/min (105 gpm)
  • Emulsion Pump - jacketed 2" positive displacement, 380 liters/min (100 gpm)
  • Water Pump - 454 liters/min (120 gpm)
  • Optional additive Pump - stainless steel, 57 liters/min (15gpm)
  • Pugmill - double shafted Magna gun-barrel design with 60 or 72 removable auger paddles. Variable mixing speed, 225 RPM standard



CALTRANS approved material monitoring and automatic shut-off system

Stainless Steel or Poly Additive Tank/Pump System

Removable Trailer Hitch/Air to Trailer System

High Pressure Washer/Reel

Pugmill w/Gate and Rubber Diverter

Emulsion Self-Loading Valve

Side Guards

Night Light Package

Strobe Light Package

Integrated Electric Load Tarping System

Safety Rear Camera System

Fuel Tank Option


Fiber Injection System


Spray Bar Attachment



Spreader Boxes


Slurry Seal Box

Microsurfacing Box


Small Microsurfacing Box

Rut Box

Expandable/Adjustable Microsurfacing Box


ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop Spreader Boxes and Pugmills Presentation:


Click here to download the MS Powerpoint version (file size 15MB)


Click here to download the PDF version (file size 13MB)


ISSA Slurry Systems Workshop Slurry and Microsurfacing Troubleshooting Presentation:


Click here to download the PDF version (file size 2MB)


Parts Kits and Diagrams


Engine and Hydraulic System Filter Kit


Conveyor Parts Diagram


Pugmill Parts Diagram


Emulsion Pump/Conveyor Drive Parts Diagram


Mainenance Tips


*Alternative engines available U.S. and International Patents Pending. VSS reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time as part of our continuing program improvement.


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