Mobile Asphalt Rubber

Mobile Asphalt Rubber

Since the beginnings of the Asphalt Rubber Binder Industry one name stands out – International Surfacing. As the patent holders for both successful wet-process systems as detailed by ASTM D8-88 specifications International Surfacing perfected blending and storage equipment and the use of Asphalt Rubber binders for Chipseals, Stress-Absorbing Membrane Interlayers and both Open-Graded and Gap-Graded Asphalt Concrete.

Valley Slurry Seal Company’s Macropaver Division, working together with their sister company International Surfacing Systems, now builds and markets Asphalt Rubber Equipment Solutions. We have equipment solutions for the production of Asphalt Rubber Binder from 15 to 50 Tons per hour mixed with Crumb Rubber concentrations up to 22%.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and control technology ISS/VSS equipment blends and produces the finest in specification Asphalt Rubber blends.

Contact us or visit our production operations to learn about the best pavement binder equipment solutions on the market today.

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Mobile Asphalt Rubber

  • Rubber Weigh Hopper
    • The Weigh Hopper meters the rubber into the mixer and provides controls for batch totals and feed rate.
    • Dual or Single Compartment version available
    • Electric or Gasoline powered
    • Production Rates from 15 to 75 Tons per hour.
    • Hydraulically positioned rubber loading auger reduces setup time.
    • Direct Fire Retort heating is safe, reliable and fast.
    • Shear cone mixer.
    • Virgin Asphalt Super Heat Tank raises 15,000 liters (4,000-gal) at 16ºC (2ºF) per minute.
    • Rubber metering trailer available with one or two compartments.
  • Heater Blender
    • The Heater Blender super-heats the asphalt and mixes the rubber polymer into the asphalt. Production Rate up to 50 TPH
    • Direct Fire Retort Heating with propane, fuel oil or both.
    • Mass Flow Meter on the Asphalt for accurate rate and batch control.
    • Rubber Auger moves from transport to working position hydraulically.
    • High Shear mixer in proprietary mixing chamber.
    • Heavy-Duty specialized Asphalt Rubber Pump on Binder.
  • Reaction Vessel
    • The Reaction Vessel blends the binder with large powerful augers and heats the binder with direct fired retort tubes
    • Two compartment for continuous supply of reacted binder
    • Large Augers for continued mixing.
    • Direct Fired Retort Heating with Propane, fuel oil or both.
    • Heavy-Duty specialized Asphalt Rubber Pump on Binder.
    • Diesel or Electric Power.

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Product: Mobile Asphalt Rubber