Macropaver 12E

Macropaver 12E

The VSS truck-mounted Macropaver® 12E offers all of the features and benefits as the Model 12D with the John Deere engine replaced by a PTO drive.  The PTO drive results in lower emissions, less maintenance, and quieter operation.

The Macropaver has gained a worldwide reputation for flexibility, high production, and low-cost performance. The Macropaver® 12E applies all slurry and polymer-modified micro surfacings with equal ease.

With over 60 years as a pavement maintenance contractor, VSS has introduced more people to the Slurry Seal and Micro Surfacing business than any other company. Equipped with the New EZ-OP Monitoring System, the Macropaver® 12E has made it even simpler to train new operators and create ease-of-use by eliminating manual calculations with intuitive controls.  Read more about getting started in the slurry/micro surfacing business.

Consistent quality is accomplished throughout the production with automatic sequencing.  The Macropaver® 12E can easily double the application rates of competitive conventional machines, with average outputs of 2.7 – 3.6 tonne/min (3-4 tons/min).  The Macropaver® 12E features the finest quality components and no chain or sprocket drives. Rugged and dependable performance has proven Macropaver® 12E’s superior reliability, ease of operation and productivity.  Read more about the Macropaver® 12E’s productivity and reliability or read some customer testimonials.

  • Features
    • Automatic start/stop materials sequencing
    • Single joystick control for one button main start mixing, start/stop, pugmill diverter, spreaderbox side shift, spreader box lift
    • EZ-OP Monitoring System
    • Automatic low aggregate shutdown sensor
    • 3-way Teflon-lined steel valve self-loading system
    • Anti-siphon water load system
    • Heated emulsion pump (hot water supplied by truck radiator)
    • Flow meters for water & additive
    • Direct drive jackshaft (no chaindrives)
    • Integrated cement hopper with built-in fluffer
    • Variable speed cement feed system with actual % to aggregate displayed
    • Pavement fog sprays and joint sprays
    • Automatic variable amplitude hydraulic aggregate hopper vibrator
    • Quick cleaning emulsion basket strainer
    • Side debris dump box
    • Triple pumps, variable displacement triple stack, 397 liters/min (105 gpm)
    • Emulsion Pump - jacketed 2" positive displacement, 380 liters/min (100 gpm)
    • Water Pump - 454 liters/min (120 gpm)
    • Optional additive Pump - stainless steel, 57 liters/min (15gpm)
    • Pugmill - double shafted Magna gun-barrel design with 60 or 72 removable auger paddles. Variable mixing speed, 225 RPM standard
  • CALTRANS approved material monitoring and automatic shut-off system
  • High Pressure Washer
  • Side Guards
  • Integrated Electric Load Tarping System
  • Spray Bar Attachment
  • Stainless Steel Additive System
  • Pugmill w/Gate and Rubber Diverter
  • Night Light Package
  • Safety Rear Camera System
  • Telematics Option
  • Removable Trailer Hitch/Air to Trailer System
  • Emulsion Self-Loading Valve
  • Strobe Light Package
  • Fiber Injection System

CALTRANS approved material monitoring and automatic shut-off system

This system includes all of the features of the standard panel plus has several additional useful functions. The system can monitor Conveyer Slip Ratio (the timing between the head pulley and the tail pulley and measures slippage between the two and automatically shuts down the conveyer belt if too much slippage is registered). The emulsion tank and aggregate hopper also have safety shut down systems that will stop the production of slurry if they fail to register material flows. All three systems have warning lights with push buttons, which allow the alarm to be shut off during calibration or in case of a malfunction. The emulsion tank and water tank levels are displayed on the computer display. This system also has a calibration mode, which allows it to be preset for a determined number of revolutions for aggregate, emulsion and fines counts and have the unit stop at that number. The CalTrans system also monitors ground travel and when the spreader box width is input into the computer, the production rate and spread rate can be displayed, as well as displaying an average distance remaining per load. In addition, the computer provides automatic maintenance indications based upon filter condition and engine hours. To comply with CalTrans specifications a separate display is provided that can be viewed from the ground next to the machine that displays material usage and shutdown alarms.

High Pressure Washer

This option consists of a high-pressure water pump developing 1500 PSI. It is powered by the Macropaver’s main hydraulic system and comes with 25' (7.6m)of high-pressure hose, recoil reel and hand spray wand. With a flip of a switch, the high-pressure washer is ready to use. The washer will start and stop when the trigger is pulled or released.

Side Guards

Two (2) lockable, hinged side covers for the engine / hydraulic components. Covers are made of laser-cut and formed panels and come with double-pin latching arms and key style lock mechanism on each door. Lower doors include steps for maintenance access to the Macropaver. Upper doors utilize air springs to hold doors up and out of the way, allowing for access and open work area.

Integrated Electric Load Tarping System

This feature is used where tarping your load/aggregate is mandatory and/or used where environmental issues are now becoming tickets. It consists of an electric arm/spring loaded mechanism that allows the tarp to unroll itself over the aggregate load and then roll closed via electric winch system. Unit comes complete with arms, springs, motor, dash panel, safety breakers, and power indicator light. No need for operator/truck driver to climb on top of machine, this unit is controlled from the front of the Macropaver, with the flip of a switch.

Spray Bar Attachment

This allows for the Macropaver to spray emulsion through a distribution bar placed just ahead of pugmill outlet. This provides for application of tack coat to the pavement surface prior to placing slurry or microsurfacing. Basic Spray Bar Attachment has 8' (2.4m) width center section and two each 3' (0.9m) width attachable extensions. Each one of the sections has nozzles on 4" (10cm) centers. Spray width is adjustable "on the fly" in 12" (30cm) increments with pneumatic cylinder actuation. The bar is equipped with hydraulically actuated height and centering control. Emulsion pump is hydraulically driven with separate PTO driven hydraulic system. Pump output is approx. 60 gallons (225 liters) per minute. Emulsion flow rate and spread rate is controlled automatically with computerized rate control system. Emulsion material hook-ups are provided with hose and quick connectors. Operator controls all functions from the rear platform.

Stainless Steel Additive System

150-gallon (565 liter) stainless steel tank connected to main water pump for water supply to dilute additive. Additive pump is stainless steel, driven hydraulically for a maximum delivery capacity of 15 gallons (57 liters) per minute. Also includes electronic flow meter as part of the computer display and is automatically sequenced to production start/stop.

Pugmill w/Gate and Rubber Diverter

Pugmill is equipped with a hydraulic cylinder actuated at operator control panel for the opening/closing of gate located at rear of pugmill. This allows for either the holding back of materials when working in small confined areas and/or for completely shutting off the flow of slurry materials when crossing over concrete or other related surfaces in which material “dripping” is a factor (primarily in residential areas). The rubber diverter directs material flow to either side of the slurry box. It is also hydraulically driven and the operator controls which direction the material flows.

Night Light Package

This is a light system mounted on steel tubing, which is mounted to the back of the Macropaver. It consists of six (6) halogen lights mounted above the operator and designed to direct light at various angles to “light up” the slurry box application area directly behind the machine. This package is used for applying slurry / microsurfacing at night, and can be utilized to act as a framework for adding a shade area and protect operator from direct sunlight in areas where extreme heat is a working factor.

Safety Rear Camera System

This system is designed and used with safety in mind. Consists of a color 18cm (7”) monitor connected to a small camera located in the rear of the machine. The camera is enclosed in vandal proof heavy-duty enclosure with a lockable steel cover. The camera allows the driver to “see” the entire work area, including the location of personnel on the ground behind the machine. It also allows the driver to “hear” the operator via a built-in microphone in the camera and a speaker in the monitor.

Telematics Option

The Macropaver Telematics Option provides access to real time operation and GPS information via a web portal. Customers can create customized scheduled reports that will keep them informed of their Macropaver's operating conditions and location without having to leave the office. The web portal also includes geofencing capability. With the machine tracking feature, you can see where the machine was at any time and verify the amount of material that was placed at specific locations.

Removable Trailer Hitch/Air to Trailer System

Consists of an air operated pintle hitch (with D-rings for safety chains) mounted to heavy-duty channel iron, which is bolted to the frame of the truck. Comes with a cab-operated air-pod connected to the hitch for positive lock-down of the hitch arm. Includes air-lines, and remounting of glad hands and wiring receptacle to the rear of the Macropaver. (Subject to Buyers truck, with cab operated trailer towing system, with plumbing to the rear of frame)

Emulsion Self-Loading Valve

This is a 3” (7.62cm), 3-way, Teflon inserted asphalt valve that directs material flow control at the machine’s emulsion tank. It allows for manual selection of fluid direction. It controls flow from a) tank to pump, b) outside pump source to load tank, and c) self-load mode with one three position valve and handle.

Strobe Light Package

This is a warning strobe light, which is mounted to the top rear of the Macropaver. It consists of one (1) amber colored 360° rotating flashing light and it includes an on/off switch mounted at the operator control station. This package is used for providing a visual safety warning for slurry / microsurfacing operations during the day or at night.

Fiber Injection System

This system for the Macropaver provides a fiber chopper, fiber storage and control systems for injecting fibers into the slurry or microsurfacing mix. Provides for up to 8 lbs./min. (3.6 kg/min.) fiber injection. The chopper cuts from 1 to 4 strands of fiberglass into 1/4" - 1/2" (6mm - 12mm) long pieces and feeds them into the aggregate as it enters the inlet hopper. The system turns on and off with Main Start. It is powered by the Macropaver main hydraulic sytem.

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