Concentrate Emulsifier Soap System

Concentrate Emulsifier Soap System

Concentrate Emulsifier Soap System

This semi-continuous soap production system is mounted on a skid and includes all control systems, pumps, and scales required to rapidly batch up soap concentrate for transfer into customers dilute running tanks.

Skid mounted 2270 liter (600 gal.) Stainless steel soap concentrate tank mounted on load cells to give accurate weight in kilograms (or pounds) of soap concentrate batch. Includes digital readout of weight.

Steel stairs and operator station platform for controlling batching and viewing tank contents. Includes all pump start/stop switches and digital weight system readout and open/close valving.

  • Includes
    • 0.56 kW (¾ hp) Electric blade mixer
    • Stainless steel 5 cm (2") diameter heating coil (for use with hot oil or hot water)
    • Temperature gauge
    • Mounted fill pipes for Hot and cold water Acid (or Base) Emulsifier
  • Pumps
    • * Acid/Base: Output 41 liters/min (11 gpm) Air-operated diaphragm
    • * Emulsifier: Output: 41 liters/min (11 gpm) Air-operated diaphragm
    • * Soap concentrate recirculation/transfer: Output: 300 liters/min (80 gpm) Power: 3.7 kW (5 hp) Voltage: 380V @ 50 hertz (or 460V @ 60 hertz), 3 phase
    • Fully wired with all start/stop buttons, fused disconnects and single main electric disconnect.
  • Control Options
    • Includes 5 hp single-stage air compressor -380V, 50 Hz or 460V, 60 Hz
    • Unit is skid mounted with all necessary pipes, valves, thermometers; ready to be started after the connections to the different equipment and storage tanks is complete.
    • * Dilute tanks: 2 X 6050 lt (1600 gal) polyethylene 2 X 9842 lt (2600 gal) polyethylene Heating coil for each tank Two thermometers per tank for high and low tank levels
    • Hot and cold water plumbing with valves. All piping in CPVC
    • Will work with any mill system. Full batching and semi continuous capability

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Product: Concentrate Emulsifier Soap System