Minimac CR-1000

Minimac CR-1000

Valley Slurry Seal continues to pioneer pavement maintenance equipment solutions by introducing the VSS Minimac CR-1000, the world’s only compact slurry seal/micro surfacing machine with continuous run operation.  Now contractors can have all the great features and benefits of the go-anywhere, highly respected Minimac® and take on larger jobs where continuous-run paving is an advantage or a requirement.

Versatility is the key to the compact Minimac CR-1000.  The Minimac CR-1000 is uniquely suited for

  • Supporting larger application machines on bigger jobs, such as the VSS Macropaver
  • Tackling smaller, continuous-run projects.
  • Operating in confined spaces, in a non-continuous mode, for parking lots, garages, driveways, footpaths, walkways, golf cart paths and other jobs where big machines and large crews aren’t feasible or cost effective.

The Minimac CR-1000 is even more versatile since it can be driven from either end of the machine thanks to it’s dual-drive system.  This allows the driver to be located in the most optimum position for either continuous-run operation in the front or in the back for traditional slurry seal/micro surfacing.

The Minimac CR-1000 offers production rates of 1.5 tonnes/min. (1.65 tons/min.) or better.

This machine is feature-packed, beginning with single, one- or two-man operation – two if in continuous run.  Critical operations are controlled with a single joystick.  Auto-sequencing assures consistent application of all slurry seal and other polymer micro surfacings.  Material is thoroughly mixed automatically by a double shafted pugmill.  It can also deliver material on grades up
to 15%.  With a proper material staging, non-continuous operation loading takes as little as five minutes.

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Minimac CR-1000

  • Features
    • Automatic start/stop materials sequencing
    • Automatic low aggregate shutdown
    • Integrated cement hopper with built-in fluffer
    • Heated emulsion pump (hot water supplied by radiator)
    • Additive tank/pump system
    • Quick-open Teflon insert emulsion valves
    • Pavement fog sprays and joint sprays
    • Automatic variable amplitude hydraulic hopper vibrator
    • Rotameter sight flow gauges for water/additive
    • Direct drive jackshaft system
    • Emulsion self-loading
    • Quick cleaning emulsion basket strainer
  • Power
    • John Deere turbo-charged diesel, 104 kw @ 2400 rpm (140 hp)
    • Hydraulic quad pumps variable displacement, pressure and flow compensated, combined 490 liters/min @ 2400 rpm (130 gpm)
    • Emulsion Pump - 2" variable displacement and hot water jacketed with a flow rating of 333 liters/min. (88 gpm) Water Pump - 113 liters/min. (30 gpm)
    • Additive Pump - stainless steel, 45 liters/min. (12 gpm)
    • Pugmill - double shafted Magna gun-barrel design with 46 removable auger paddles. Variable mixing speed, 260 rpm standard
  • Options
    • Electronic water and additive flowmeters
    • Caltrans approved material monitoring and control system
    • High pressure washer/reel

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Product: Minimac CR-1000